Faults beyond the limit

Published 5 de February de 2015

We present and explain the correct answer to the technical question placed on our website. Thank you very much to the 420 people who have participated.

Display / remember the play on which we performed our technical questions.



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420 falta mas alla del limite

420 our people have answered technical questions. As usual, the opinions have been sharply divided. To the question “A player impedes the progress of an opponent What action should the referee?“, after viewing the above video one 40% of our followers voted “Dropped ball”, a 31% “Free Direct” and 29% “Indirect free”.

The correct answer is “Dropped ball”. The Rule 12 <Fouls and Misconduct> stated in paragraph “Interpretation of the rules and guidelines for referees” what are the basic requirements for a foul:

1. Must be committed by a player.

2. Must occur in the field.

3. Must occur while the ball is in play.

On the play of the video requirements are met number 1 and 3, but not the 2, because even if the foul is committed on a player while the ball is in play, the foul is committed beyond the boundaries of the land.

The Rule 12 explains clearly how to proceed in these cases: “Si the referee stopped the match due to an offense committed outside the field (while the ball is in play), it must be restarted with a dropped ball at the place where the ball was located when play was stopped“. In the play the ball dropped analyzed should have been made by the touchline.

These moves are difficult for referee if it is remote from the scene of action, even if this occurs slightly outside the boundaries of the land. Support in these cases the assistant referee from that area or the fourth official is critical. Depends on your support to play resumes correctly or incorrectly dropped ball free and direct such as occurred in the game where the play took place.

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