Taking the ball from ower is expulsion

Published 11 of March of 2014

Rayo Vallecano coach Martin Jemez should be expelled, rather than shown, by the action of throwing a ball onto the pitch from the bench area during the match against Real Sociedad.

jemez 2

It was an action that has gone unnoticed by most of the people of football, but the law is clear. In season 2011/2012 Referees Technical Committee through its Technical Circular 3 governing such situations.

With respect to launching balls onto the pitch noted the following:

When the release is conducted, at least once, by any player, by any member of the bench, the offense is not considered a correct action and involve the direct expulsion from the field of the same author. If that can not be identified directly by the referee to author, the first coach to which the author will be ejected from the field for the commission of an incorrect action and sanctioned with a minimum three game suspension.”

The scoresheet notes the following:

jemez 3

Under the wording of the Act and the provisions of the Circular 3 CTA Rayo Vallecano coach should be expelled rather than shown.

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