International Undiano Mallenco landmarks

Published 24 the September the 2016

Te presentamos 7 milestones that mark the international race referee Undiano Mallenco navarro.



In the summer of 2003 retired Andalusian Antonio Jesús López Nieto, so he left a free spot on the list of international referees Spanish. Seeing the classification of that season 2002/03, we are in the fifth place to first non-international referee: a young navarro 29 years who had just turned his third season in the top flight.

In this way, CTA recommended his name to the RFEF, which in turn he proposed his name as a new international FIFA referee. After studying his candidacy by the Arbitration Commission and medical tests, the 1 January 2004 Alberto Undiano Mallenco released new category.

Hito 1 - First game with cockade

The 10 January 2004 in Anoeta Stadium (Saint Sebastian), Alberto Undiano released FIFA badge on your left pocket. That day the Royal Society won 1-0 Real Madrid and with Undiano were in bands his "buddy" Fermin Martinez Ibanez (which also he premiered his FIFA badge) and Jesus Pedro Azcona Iturbe.

Hito 2 - First game out of Spain.

Their first game outside Spain was in a Sub Tournament 19 in Belgium, his second international match was in May 2004, when he refereed the friendly between Finland and Sweden in Tampere, who won Sweden 1-3.

Hito 3 - First European competition matches.

A year after getting internationality, Alberto Undiano began to whistle games in the Europa League (He had already arbitrated qualifying rounds, Clear): Germinal Beerschot-Olympique Marseille (0-0). And two years later, toward his debut in the top European competition, Champions League: Bayern Munich Spartak Moscow (4-0).

Up to this point, nothing unusual. His career progressed as almost any other European referee of a large country. The difference? What Alberto Undiano was refereeing matches of Champions when others still dream of cockade (32 years old).

After more than 10 years refereeing matches top European category, Alberto Undiano takes 31 partidos de UCL (plus 10 classification) and 14 UEL (plus 2 classification).

Hito 4 – Euro U19 (2005).

After a year and a half in which UEFA was testing the new international, it was time for his first tournament. It was played in Northern Ireland and Alberto Undiano got arbitrate a semifinal, France-Germany (3-2).

Hito 5 – UEFA European Under-21 Championship (2006).

Undiano career continued and he reached his second major tournament, this time in Portugal. Again he fired a semifinal.

At this point in his career he had refereed a couple of qualifiers for the World Cup (2006) and soon begin to arbitrate qualifiers for the European Championship in Poland / Ukraine (2008). Were small milestones that were building an elite race.

Hito 6 – World U20 (2007).

in Canada, Alberto Undiano went one step further when it was included in the list of referees for the World U20. There he was joined by Fermin Martin Ibáñez and Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez. And I give the name of all, because the Spanish trio refereed the final of the tournament, between the Czech Republic and Argentina. By then, Alberto Undiano had 33 years old.

Anecdotally, and due to changes in the choice of referees for major tournaments in preparation for the World, it should be noted that Alberto Undiano has been in three world sub20, if not a little record must miss him.

Hito 7 - World (2010).

In 2008, FIFA announced the referees candidates for the World Cup and among them was only Mejuto Gonzalez Spanish. If Alberto Undiano wanted to arbitrate in a world, It seems to have to wait until Brazil in 2014. However, by a series of events never well clarified, in 2009 FIFA decided that Alberto Undiano was the only Spanish candidate to officiate at the African World. How could it be less, given the weight of our country and the quality of our candidate, Alberto Undiano was elected one of the referees in the highest world football tournament. With 37 years old, Alberto Undiano reached the top of the global arbitration.

Perhaps it may seem very heavy with both noting the age of Alberto Undiano at each milestone reached, but they are truly extraordinary ages.

Alberto Undiano was again candidate, this time the World Cup in Brazil 2014, but it failed Square (Velasco Carballo was to). Russia to world 2018 It is no longer a candidate (Mateu Lahoz it is), although knowing the Navarre, You can not bet because it is not until the end in the minds of those who decide the final list.

The only major competition that has not refereed Alberto Undiano is a European Championship, although he has already 8 Qualifying matches. The next tournament will be in 2020, just one year after its withdrawal from the fields. That Euro will see the TV, or who knows what the future holds in arbitration estates.

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