Hands: technical and disciplinary action

Published 22 of October 2016

All seasons of the matter is discussed and hands is also logically, we will try to clarify the doctrine of this season.


Less reprimands hands.

Valuing hands this season suffers serious modifications especially in the disciplinary aspect, you can ensure that this season will be far fewer yellow cards will see in the fields to punish offenses by touching the ball with your hands.

technical sanction of hands.

It is advisable to start remembering to play the ball with his hands deliberately is punished with a penalty direct free kick or. If the touch the ball with his hand occurs deliberately not there will be any penalty, inevitably the opinion of the referee will be decisive although subject to certain criteria.

It is valued as a deliberate hand which occupies an improper place in space, when a player "enlarges", as it is done in basketball or volleyball, to occupy more space is facilitating the impact ball in the arm or hand and that will be a punishable offense. Very different is when a player's arm, in a natural position, He is hit by the ball without it can avoid, need not take that position players, unnaturally, of hands fastened behind his back.

It occurs often that a player falling supports the arm on the ground and the ball hits on that arm, this action should not be punished as hand. However, if a player pulls his arm fall on the floor and contact with the ball shall be punished direct free kick or penalty.

disciplinary sanction hands.

Surely more difficult plateará the disciplinary sanction of hands:

  • Only punishable by expulsion hand avoids a clear goalscoring opportunity opposing team.
  • yellow card will be taught to a player attempting to score a goal with his hand, whether it is achieved or not, or try to avoid a goal without success.
  • It is also punishable by reprimand when playing the ball with his hand to interfere or stop a promising attack the opposing team.

This is all, admonishes not for any other reason, disappears the concept of harm to the opponent and the whole theory of cutting passes, Now the fundamental concept is to cut a promising attack, and not a player to play with the hand the ball to control admonish, nor intercepting a pass from the opposing team not any danger magazine.

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