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Published 8 November of 2016

If clear goalscoring opportunity sanctioned penalty and the offense is disputed the ball inside the penalty area, only be warning, no expulsion


Ha llegado el divorcio. Dos palabras matrimoniadas, como un nombre y un apellido, se separan, pocas veces veremos ya que a la señalización de un penalti suceda casi automáticamente una expulsión.

Las Reglas, en un intento de favorecer el fútbol ofensivo, castigaban el hecho de impedir una ocasión manifiesta de gol mediante una infracción con la expulsión automática del infractor, la consecuencia había llegado a ser muy dura, sobre todo para los porteros.

La jugada se producía muy a menudo: un atacante se dirigía hacia la portería contraria, el portero salía a cortar la jugada, zancadilleaba al delantero y sobre el pobre guardameta caían todos los castigos posibles: se le sancionaba con penalti, se le expulsaba, it prevented him from playing the next game and if his replacement had a good performance risked losing the starting job, just missing also give a campion. Very excessive punishment for having arrived a split second later to play the ball.

The new rule states that if a clear goalscoring opportunity sanctioned penalty and the offense occurred INSIDE the penalty area in challenging for the ball the offender will only be shown, no matter whether the goalkeeper or a defensive player.

The amendment is limited to this particular case, the rest of the rule does not change: if the offense occurs outside the area it will remain expulsion and the offender will also be expelled if action done by hand or subject, away or pushes an opponent plays where there is no possibility of challenging for the ball.

It is correct that specific situation in which the defender when trying to play the ball zancadilleaba the attacker with such excessive consequences. Parece una modificación razonable que evitará desequilibrios en los partidos.

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