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How many kilometers is at football referee

Published 20 de January de 2016

La exigencia de un árbitro varia en función de la categoría en la que arbitre. These are the distances traveled by a football referee in the various leagues.

Stress test a football referee

Published 2 de January de 2016

As an athlete or referee is advisable to perform a stress test at the beginning of season. In this video a football referee Third Division is subject to the same.

¿Qué factores influyen en la condición física del árbitro?

Published 31 de July de 2015

El árbitro debe mantener un óptimo nivel de condición física a lo largo de la temporada y debe conocerse que factores influyen e inciden en la misma.

Frecuencia cardíaca en el árbitro de fútbol

Published 3 May 2015

El presente estudio ha permitido monitorizar la respuesta cardíaca en un árbitro principal en partidos de categoría cadete obteniéndose resultados diferentes a estudios anteriores.

Since when do you care about the physical condition of the football referee?

Published 5 from April to 2015

The control and fitness training has become one of the cornerstones in arbitration, however, was not always paid much importance.

Physical condition of the referee during the season

Published 14 de January de 2015

Is the team able to maintain optimum physical condition requiring the competition throughout the season?

What for a stress test

Published 18 December of 2014

We analyze what constitutes a stress test and how it can help us to better design training.

Importance of physical fitness football referee

Published 28 November of 2014

Modern football requires arbitrators committed to their work and a great fitness.

Physical Preparation, new section reglasfutbol.com

Published 15 November of 2014

In this section we address aspects of physical preparation and training of football referees.

Introducing the Physiology of Sport and Exercise Section

Published 9 the September the 2014

In this section we address related aspects of sport physiology, which applies the concepts of exercise physiology to training athletes to improve their physical performance.

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