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El gol de chilena de James Rodríguez

Published 7 the September the 2015

Aprovechamos la jugada del gol de chilena de James Rodríguez en el Real Madrid vs Betis para analizar qué dicen las reglas de juego sobre la chilena.

UEFA will propose changes to Board rules

Published 14 May 2014

UEFA International Board will propose two changes to the rules: end rule red card in play and penalty the offender who injures a player leave the field until the injured return to field.

Are vests FCB under the rules?

Published 13 May 2014

We analyze the controversy over whether the vests used by some players of FC Barcelona are in accordance with the rules or not.

Trying to prevent a goal with his hand, unsuccessfully, is no longer warning

Published 19 of March of 2014

We present and explain the correct answer to the technical question placed on our website. Thank you very much to the 204 people who have participated.

Taking the ball from ower is expulsion

Published 11 of March of 2014

Rayo Vallecano coach Martin Jemez should be expelled, rather than shown, by the action of throwing a ball onto the pitch from the bench area during the match against Real Sociedad.

Hold?, advantage and instruction?

Published 5 of March of 2014

A player of Real Betis and charges subject to a Levante player, the referee applies advantage and finish close admonishes the player who committed the infraction, being his second yellow and therefore being expelled.

Punishment for lifting his shirt and displaying various slogans

Published 21 de February de 2014

Article 91 the RFEF Disciplinary Code indicates that the player who lifted his shirt to display various slogans will be sanctioned 2.000 a 3.000 euros and admonition.

Manos Voluntary non card

Published 18 de February de 2014

The Spanish arbitration has adapted this season 2013/2014 to the interpretations on the use and sanction of the hands and FIFA and UEFA shared. We identify the assumptions being hands still not entail voluntary card.

Inputs and outputs for bleeding

Published 7 de January de 2014

Can you return to the field, save in game, a player leaves the field to stop bleeding?

Transfer the keeper and method of restarting play

Published 9 December of 2013

In this assignment we analyzed whether the goalie at the launch of free indirect ball position is correct and if the defenders and goalkeeper Málaga CF are set according to the rules dictated by.

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