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Published 16 of October 2016

pioneering idea Referees Committee of Galicia: school classes to change the image of the arbitration group and step, create quarry.


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Kids between 10 and 13 years come every week to receive education Arbitration.

Since this season in Galicia children will have more extra-curricular activities to choose and has to do with arbitration. The pioneering idea in Spain of the Referees Committee Galicia whose president is former international referee Bernardino Gonzalez Vazquez. The initiative is to instill in the younger the values ​​of being arbitrator within the educational program. One hour a week coruñés referee Ruben Eiriz Mata, currently in Second Division, She teaches children from school "Liceo La Paz" from La Coruna. Kids between 10 and 13 years come every week to receive education Arbitration. Classes consist of practice with the rules of the game. Students envision videos of controversial plays and have to decide whether the input is red or yellow or if the demolition in the area is a penalty or not. the sign language is also practiced, so important in the arbitration world. In addition, They perform a simulation of the physical evidence they have to overcome elite referees in bankruptcy plan.

Change the arbitral concept and create quarry.

This innovative idea has a clear objective Eiriz Mata tells us "the idea is Arbitration change the concept we have of us in society and in the process create an arbitration quarry”. These highly innovative classes began last September and will last throughout the school year, to May. Students have already received whistles and cards and anecdotally Eiriz Mata tells us that "in the partidillos that are mounted in the recess, there were several children arbitrating these days when there were none before ". The project of the Galician Committee is already established in Corunna and also in the "Salesian" Colegio de Ourense where he teaches classes referee José Antonio Fernández Rodríguez, actuamente in Second B. The idea is that this initiative be extended for the rest of territorial and that in the not too distant future we can see in many schools throughout the country elite referees inculcating the younger the referee is an athlete more.

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