Three misconceptions about rules

Published 29 de January de 2015

We explain three urban legends or false most widespread beliefs in the world of football on the rules.




Former referee 2nd Division. Reporter from Second Division B 1996. Vocal Training Navarro College. Soccer Coach Levels 1 and 2. Teacher Rules Navarra School Coaches.

Beliefs that have been motivated accumulate in fake football fans, sometimes, by regulatory changes and other practices by bad refereeing, are no strangers to this certain former officials who maintain, media, vices stubborn old way.

I will try to clarify three of the most widespread, unfortunately are not the only:

"You can touch the goalkeeper inside the goal area." This belief comes from old regulations that gave goalkeeper special rights within the area "small", disappeared many years have continued making sure no basis, It goalkeeper becoming a kind of "untouchable" not known whether Hindu or Eliot Ness.

The goalkeeper will be challenging for the ball with physical contact like any other player, another thing is that you push or you grip.

"You can shout" mine "or" Leave her ". If a player, normally the goalkeeper, shouts on any word to see that it will go for the ball is not performing any infringement.

It is punishable by a player tries to fool an opponent so that he will leave the ball, that itself is a misnomer that deserve reprimand and free indirect.

"A hand close to the body is different from hand peeled". What is sanctioned in the use of the hands is voluntary and it can occur in sticking hands or detached from the body.

Of course they are considered voluntary hands occupying an improper space, for example those that would be used as screen handball or volleyball.

Not everything you hear is true, although it repeats much. A Decalogue of the most widespread errors or false beliefs in the world of football on the rules can see this link Urban Legends in football.

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One comment “Three misconceptions about rules”

  1. Rogelio Fernandez Muñoz says:

    It is understood that, is untouched by the sense that, to raise his hands to jump for the ball, no longer has legal load area, therefore at any other time, you can load shoulder to shoulder like any other opponent.