Videos 17 rules

Has never been easier to know the 17 Football Rules. We will explain in a very didactic way through these videos. Enjoy them!

Rule 1. The Field of Play.

Rule 2. Ball.

Rule 3. Number of Players.

Rule 4. The Players' Equipment.

Rule 5. The Referee.

Rule 6. The Assistant Referees.

Rule 7. The Duration of the Match.

Rule 8. The Start and Restart of Play.

Rule 9. The ball in play or out of play.

Rule 10. The Goal Scored.

Rule 11. Offside.

Rule 12. Fouls and Misconduct.

Rule 13. Free Throws.

Rule 14. The Penalty Kick.

Rule 15. The Throw-In.

Rule 16. The Goal Kick.

Rule 17. The corner.